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Intermediate exhaust with valves (Straps and on/off switch included)

Intermediate exhaust with valves (Straps and on/off switch included)

2 950,00 $ ref. : SCA 997-2 3.6L PSE V stock :

This exhaust with valves fits:

> All the 3.6L 2nd generation 997 already fitted with a PSE

This exhaust is your magic wand! Wave it and the sound of your 2nd gen 997 will be transformed from virtual silence, to one of the most beautiful sounds in the history of Porsche. It has taken us more than twenty prototypes to achieve this result, and it has been patented. This exhaust replaces the central rear muffler and fits onto the mufflers in the fenders. With the valves closed, the sound is present yet never bothersome.  With the valves open the sound is ample and powerful.  This reference is only for the 997-2L 3,6 that is already fitted with a PSE.  The valves are commanded by remote control. Unlike the OEM exhaust with valves, our system does not cut out between 45 and 75 kms/h.  If you marry them up with our 200 cell sport cats, you'll be close to having the sound of a racing car. All the accessories are included (wiring harness and air kit). If you read some of the feedback from Porschists who have already fitted this version, you will have a better idea of the sound it gives. It is possible to connect the valves up to the original, central switch. For this, please contact us.

Our range of exhausts with valves also includes:
For the 2nd gen 997 without PSE
> A version with valves for the 3.6L (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.6L (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L VT)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L VT)
For the 2nd gen 997 with PSE
> A version with valves for the 3.6L PSE (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L PSE VT)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L PSE (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L PSE VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L PSE (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L PSE VT)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

This exhaust replaces the rear transverse muffler and should take around 8 hours to fit including the time taken to remove the original exhaust. You will need to remove the rear bumper and you will need to use a car hoist. The original valves must be removed and the disc supplied with the exhaust will need to be welded. Ensure that the mechanic is able to weld stainless steel. For the connection to the tail-pipes, the pipes on the original mufflers will need to be cut.  This exhaust is not easy to fit so a professional Porsche specialist must do the fitting. Ideally one of our recommended garages.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions a mounting kit containing: clamps, gaskets, stainless steel bolts stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease the copper grease is included with your exhaust.  We recommend that you use the grease on the bolt threads and in the sleeves. The sleeves for fitting the exhaust to the rear mufflers, are not included as in 90% of cases you can reuse the original ones.


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Intermediate exhaust with valves (Straps and on/off switch included)

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Christophe, le 31/01/2024

Guichard, le 07/01/2024

Nicolas, le 25/07/2022

cal, le 03/02/2021


jrjais, le 15/03/2018

GD, le 03/01/2018

Anthony Dufresne, le 11/02/2017

Jean-Baptiste, le 30/06/2016

A big thanks to Mr Flandin at Swissracing who fitted my SCART exhaust (Valves + X pipe) along with a lighter flywheel and a sport clutch.  My 997 4s 2nd generation was transformed after these modifications.  The car has become lively and reactive at acceleration. The sound is simply magnificent

Y.Peier, le 05/08/2015

2nd generation 997 fitted with scart with valves and yesterday with Xpipe + bmc filters  A unique sound, you'd think you were in a cup, even valves closed it's improved the sound of the exhaust. Don't hesitate it's well worth the price which is reasonable and a work of art signed Martin Scart!

Pete, le 07/07/2015

Etienne, le 23/12/2014

I was very frustrated with the sound of my 2nd gen 997 Targa 4s. After a trip to VODIFF (Eric DONART - ex workshop manager with Porsche) I found my vehicle transformed! the sound is really powerful at idle and as soon as the revs rise the cavalry takes off.  Sheer pleasure, I can't do without it now!

CHRISTIAN, le 03/12/2014

I didn't have the PSE and the 997.2 are essentially voiceless.  Having read loads and loads of feedbacks on various forums, one name kept cropping up: SCART. So I dropped my car off with Mr and Mrs Scart, very pleasant, then the next day I picked up a different car... It now has loads of character, with a full, finely tuned sound.  There is absolutely no discomfort when cruising when the valves are either open or closed!!  My thanks to all the team!!

Toky, le 07/11/2014

Hi, I bought a 2nd gen 997 just over a month ago and inspite of the original PSE which is fun to start with, but you rapidly get the feeling that there's something missing... Having read a fair number of remarks on the website, I chose the system with the X-Pipe and sport air filters (following Mr SCART's advice). After several journeys, the pleasure  is greater each time... What a sound!!! You just can't tire of it!

Cyril, le 03/11/2014

We've fitted these exhaust on 5 different Porsches, the customers have been very satisfied with the results, on every level  the prize goes to the RIVA silencer installed on a 944 SC 3.0L (1982) 10 out of 10 they're like a piece of jewelry, the welding is perfect the stainless steel high quality really great, hand made - I take my hat off to the artists.

Installed on: 997 TARGA 4S  996 TURBO CAB 996 TURBO 964 CARERRA 4 911 SC 3.0L 997 TARGA 4 Feu Vert in Orange (84)

FEU VERT ORANGE, le 11/10/2014

Hi  I wanted to say a huge thanks to Mr Scart and his team for the sport exhaust system they made and which I have just fitted on my 2nd gen 997, the truth is, the sound given by the original exhaust not being particularly sporty for these cars, I was looking for a good, cost efficient alternative which I found with RS TUBE and which enabled me to retain the original exhaust and yet gave me a really enchanting sound almost the sound of a GT3.  Mr Scart will even give you a call over the weekend just to check how you get on with the installation (you do need to be a mechanic to install it)  Thank you to Martin Scart and his team

Jcm, le 28/09/2014

I had a Scart with valves line fitted on my 911 carrera S PDK, upon MS's advice I made the most of the opportunity to have the tail-pipes polished (came out like new), and replaced the air filters with the BMC sport version. The result was obvious! I have a new car the sound is what you'd expect from a sports car, it goes from a deep husky sound at first to a more metallic yet still rounded sound at speed, as soon as you put your foot down something happens!! Meanwhile inside the car you never feel bothered by the sound.

JoLeo, le 25/07/2014

Hi.  I have a 2nd generation 997 4s and was pretty disapointed with the sound.  So I went along to listen to a GTS fitted with the Porsche PSE and once again I was disappointed with the sound (I wanted to keep with a full Porsche line in order to have an authentic Porsche sound). Quick call to Martin SCART who advised me to try the valve system.  I went round to AIX les Milles to hear a 997 4 S, and I decided to go for it.  After 2 months running I am just as pleased with the sound (deep and hoarse) and my Porsche friends marvel at it.  Thanks to Martin SCART, I congratulate him for his dedication, his skill and his expertise

Luc B, le 10/06/2014

A pure-bred Manceau, I've been brought up with the sound of cars (24h) and in particular of Porsche. After a humming 964 I have, for 2 years now, a 997 C4S. An easy and pleasing car with PDK... However compared with the PSE woeful and disappointing !!!!  So I contacted Martin Scart who took me through what he could do.  A discussion which was in-depth and enjoyable and which seemed to amuse him, all of which persuaded me to commit myself to changing the "musical system" of the car: 200 cell Scart sport manifold + X pipe and air sport filters.  We kept the original silencers for the valves ! Good grief, how beautiful those Scart parts are, the precision of the fitting, and the perfection of the adjustments.  A real artist and not just a mechanic/ pipe-maker .... doubled up with a formidable ear for music.  AT LAST THE SOUND...! Plenty, really deep at low revs, rising at mid-revs with fabulous sharps notes. Without any agressivity or ungainly overtones.  Martin Scart is the true conductor of an orchestra of mechanical musical instruments which he has created. Congratulations, it's a permenant delight and at last a REAL SOUND which purrs throughout the interior of the car.... Thanks to you Martin Scart and to your team for their top notch expertise.  I will also never forget the phone call from Martin one Saturday morning just to see how I my return journey had been...  An incredible contact for a quality service and sumptuous result.  I take my hat off to the team and to Martin Scart. D.P.

didier P Le Mans, le 04/06/2014

Fitted by a expert who knows his job. The sound is magic with the sport exhaust and discreet when the valves are closed; A pure joy

milazzo, le 29/04/2014

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