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Where are you based ?

Should I systematically replace all the nuts and bolts?

Are mounting kits and straps included with the exhausts?

Are SCART exhausts really made by you?

What kind of guarantee does a SCART exhaust come with?

Do your exhausts meet official standards?

What are the codes of conduct when carrying out a sound-level control?

Are your exhausts approved?

When I fit the new exhaust I have a problem with the alignment. Why?

What is a sport exhaust?

What are the different elements that make up an exhaust?

What are the advantages of each of the elements of an exhaust line?

How does a catalytic converter work?

How long should a catalytic converter last?

Why don't Porsche make exhausts that are as impressive as SCART exhausts?

Do you make PSE style exhausts that can be disconnected?

Why is the sound of a modern Porsche so discreet?

What does the Highway Code have to say about exhausts?

I have a specific request. Can you help?

Since I fitted my exhaust an indicator light has come on on the dashboard. How can I turn it off?

What guarantees come with each of your exhausts?

Why are some exhausts polished and others only partially polished, or not polished at all?

Are sport air filters, like K&N or Green any good?

Basic rule for living together...

If I fit a Sport catalytic converter will I use more fuel?

How can I compare the sound level?

Are all exhausts based on the same technology?

Where are you based ?

We are located to the north of Paris, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Our adress in France :
10 rue Gustave Eiffel
Office phone number : 00 33 139 901 911
GSM phone number : 00 33 6 10 64 52 32

We ship our exhausts woldwide everyday by UPS


We are also based in California with our partner 

Koncept Motorwurks
28115 Dorothy Dr Unit B,
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Office number : 818-964-0468
Contact : David


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