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Customer Testimonials


Porsche 997 GTS

Yves Trupin, le 25/05/2020

For the first anniversary of the arrival of my 997 GTS convertible I had decided, after reading a lot of comments on various forums, to offer him the only thing he lacked: a real "voice" (the PSE having a timbre a little too slender for my taste). Barely out of the deconfinement and after exchanging with Martin Scart by email and phone (thank you for the availability and the precious advices), I therefore went to Goussainville. Arrived on site at 8:00 am, welcome by Christophe "the" editing specialist (it seems that Martin thinks he can do the whole operation blindfolded, that's to say) who patiently explained to me all that he was going to do and allowed me to take multiple photos of the operation. Comfortably installed to be able to work on my side during the intervention, I left shortly after 3:00 p.m. On the way back, already the impression of being "elsewhere", in another car. But the 35km that bring me home (suburbs, periphery and co) not being ideal to make an impression I waited the following weekend and a stroll towards the south of Ile-de-France, hood open to give me a real opinion. And indeed I can now confirm to you all that I read of positive on this exhaust of madness. A just phenomenal, captivating sound that takes you to the guts and puts a huge smile on your lips. The valve system makes it possible to reduce, of course, if necessary, but at a stable speed, with the valves open, in my opinion we can make long journeys without discomfort. So a big thank you to Martin and Christophe for their advice, their availability, their kindness and for this magical sound!

Porsche 997 Turbo II

Alessandri, le 15/10/2018


Porsche 964 Turbo

Bruno, le 09/08/2018


Porsche 996 3,6L

Eric (Ricket), le 14/05/2018


Maserati 4200

Jacques Périsset , le 28/04/2018


Porsche 997 II 3.8L

Chris, le 09/04/2018


Porsche 997 Turbo II

Fred (ultimateporsche), le 08/04/2018


Porsche 997 I 3.6L

Yannick Chedeville, le 29/03/2018


Porsche 997 II 3.6L

jrjais, le 15/03/2018


Porsche 911 3.2L (1984 - 1989)

Gilles, le 05/10/2016

Following on from my message from December 2015 which followed the one from October 2015!! Once again the Scart service was on top form! After fitting a Racing pre-silencer/ Riva sausage in October 2015 then a change of mind for a Riva pre-silencer/ Riva sausage in December of the same year, here's the latest episode of the "troublemaker" series (by that I mean me!)  Although the sound was great, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the all-Riva combination, too gutteral and too deep even when accelerating (please note, this is only my subjective point of vue!), I decided to go back to the Racing/ Riva combination once and for all,  I missed the soaring lyricism of this devilish pair when I accelerate! So, a new appointment was made on the 29th of September with Martin's very patient team via an equally kind and patient Guillaume. After a quick cup of coffee, the dismounting could start to replace the Riva pre-silencer with the Racing and there, at a turn of the key, just like the first time, a bewitching sound, a magnificent melody, a hymn to the vintage Porsches, an operatic aria, in sum... a sound sent from heaven!! A blop-blop at low revs, then a groooaaar at half throttle to a grriiiing at high revs and all in a comfortable accoustic environment with the windows up! What joy! In short, I think you've got the point, this time I have definately made the right choice and it's with a happy heart (I know I'm a bit over the top at times, but then it's my "Mediteranean" temperament!) that I write this message to share my experience with this master lute maker (yes that's how I see them)! Once again, thank you to the whole team for their patience, their welcome, their kindness and their know-how; I cannot recommend you high enough. To any sceptics I'd like to point out that I hold no shares in this venerable company! Fair winds (I like the sailing analogy) for you Martin and for the company and I wish you a great success with your American adventure...

Porsche 911 3.2L (1984 - 1989)

3.2L TURBO LOOK USINE CABRIOLET DE 89, le 06/12/2015

As I promised Martin Scart, here is my feedback on the RIVA silencer which was fitted on my 3,2 Turbo Look Factory Cabriolet from 89. When I bought the car at the end of October, the fact that its former owner had installed a stainless steel exhaust with twin tail-pipes bothered me, for me it just didn't look right on this model. Nevertheless, the sound a low revs was pleasant and at full throttle a bit calm... I therefore decide to consult Martin Scart to confirm my choice of a RIVA silencer. The order placed, the exhaust arrived quickly and Martin gave me some helpful tips as I fitted it myself with the help of a friend. All you need is there in the kit, straps, suspension with SCART logo, copper grease etc... Then the crutial moment of turning the key and I say to myself that if, at worst, the sound is not really any different than my stainless steel twin tail-pipe version, I would at least have improved the look of my car... but, by black magic, perhaps, the sound is really different from my twin tail-pipe even at low revs... At full throttle, it's angrier than my old exhaust but Martin did point out that I'd have to wait at least 500kms to have its definitive sound. I reached those 500kms yesterday during a friendly FLAT6 PAYS D'AZUR day-out, an increasing delight. The sound is even better still. Unfortunately, rain prevented me from putting the top down but that sound going through a tunnel with the window down, ecstasy... Here is the feedback from someone who already had a replacement stainless steel exhaust and who has no regrets about his investment. Thank you Martin Scart for your time spent on the telephone and for your advice, a rare thing these days, in any field. Keep on as you are Martin, don't change a thing...

Porsche 911 3.2L (1984 - 1989)

Gilles, le 02/12/2015

Following my message on 16 10 2015... After running-in my Scart racing pre-sil + Riva sausage with an extraordinary sound, I was seized by the desire to try the Riva pre-sil+ Riva sausage, so I rang Mr Scart and Guillaume! I was greeted just as warmly as the last time and we fixed an appointment. When I arrived it was time for a coffee and welcome advice from the team (alway just as professional, and unswervingly kind). Having discussed the well thought out reasons for my choice, the operation began and within a few minutes the racing pre-sil was replaced with the Riva by Christophe always professional, pleasant and full of good advice. As the key is turned there, THE sound, just as spellbinding, more guttural at low revs, not as sharp at full throttle and effectively more "politically correct" at mid-throttle and cruising! I close my eyes, and I'm there on Lake Como aboard a magnificent Riva Super Aquarama, a glass of champagne in my hand, a James Bond girl beside me... amazing! Ooops, sorry darling, just kidding! So, all weighed up, although the combination Racing pre-sil+Riva sausage is magical, I'm sticking to the combi Riva pre-sil+Riva sausage (but I don't know why, I think there's more to come!) To sum up, I can't recommend the Scart Team highly enough to those who are looking for a different sound, quality product, an abundance of advice, plenty of patience and above all an extraordinary customer service, to say the least! And no I have no capital interest in the business! Thanks again to all the Team and.. see you soon - who knows! Gilles, a happy customer in a Porsche 911 3,2 carrera from 84 with a Scart at the end!


Porsche 991 I

Fabrice de Lille, le 21/06/2015

Hello, I would like to give you some feedback concerning the installation of a Scart exhaust on my 991 4S. My 991 had a weak spot...no sport exhaust. I know quite a bit about the original Porsche sport exhausts as I've had several 4S and GTS with the origianl sport exhaust. But this time...having taken a good look around I chose a Scart exhaust which has the reputation of being reliable and French-made. Concerning the reliability: I received the parcel on the Friday and decided to install it on the Saturday. During the installation...a doubt prevented me from going any further! I decide to try my luck, I call Guillaume on his mobile and leave a message. Within the hour Martin Scart in person called back to answer my question and resolved the problem! Not bad!!! Concerning the exhaust itself, for the first month, I was a little skeptical as I felt that the original Porsche sport exhaust had a better sound. On this point, Guillaume and Martin called me the week after the installation to find out how everything had gone (not bad either...) I shared my impression...They replied that I should be patient and wait a little for the "beast" to settle in.  True enough, the beast revealed itself. What a bluff! Just crazy...It sings, it crackles, as soon as you accelerate, the sound is mind-blowing without being deafening and above all without a feeling of resonance within the car (really important). In short, a pure pleasure well over and above the original Porsche version. Just for a little anecdote, now and again I turn on the Spa Francorchamps circuit. At the most recent Porsche Days several people asked me where that beautiful sound came from...So don't hesitate, give yourself a treat, you won't regret it.

Porsche 911 2.7L & 3.0L (1976 - 1983)

François, le 06/03/2015

When I bought a pre-silencer + RIVA silencer for my 911SC in July 2013, it was to replace the original exhaust. The latter, in steel, having lasted thirty years, I'm a long way from replacing the stainless steel work of art made by Martin Scart! With the RIVA, the car has an exquisite sound, which develops according to the engine's rpm, but which you hardly hear at all at idle, it's great! And that's not all, when the car backfires as you declerate, it's just as enjoyable. Can you believe, Martin has managed to create an exhaust which makes you want to put your foot down, but which you can continue to enjoy even when you take your foot off, what more can you ask for? Having said that I did have a slight problem with the fitting. The sausage was slightly off-center veering towards the right. A centimetre, it was nothing really and you couldn’t see it. I drove with it like this for over a year, on some lovely enjoyable roads, and all was well. Until the day I took the motorway for over five hundred kilometres. There, the fog light began to suffer from the heat! That's right, because of the offset, it was barely two centimeters from the tail-pipe! I called Martin to ask if it would be possible to move the tail-pipe and re-center the silencers: The reply was yes and "come to the workshop"  So I went yesterday March 5th. I was there for three hours during which the entire team remade a new entry pipe for the silencers before my very eyes. The process of making the silencers is very rigorous, using templates, it must be my car that is slightly "off-kilter". i can only praise the operation:- a cup of coffee on arrival - a really great team, made up of people with specific skills working together, a real team! - true professionels, they weld with unnerving ease! - a perfect result - the cost of which is all covered. To sum up, the exhausts are superb, and the after-sales service is up to the same standard! Thank you Mr Scart.

Porsche 996 3,6L

ManuConf, le 03/03/2015

Hello, I found the sound of my Flat 6 (996 C4 from 2003) extremely dull not to say inexistant! After a bit of research on the net, you come up with 2 major players: French or German - ahh, that wouldn't be the same nationality as my beauty? I rather liked the Stuttgart option but what if there was a problem... And then, after several email exchanges, phone calls (thank you to Guillaume for his patience) well, you can feel their enthusiasm, the good advice, the sale isn't forced but is informed and advised! Take the time to listen, take a look at our website, to our FB... take your time (I didn't get that from the Germans who were far more direct). Above all what I really liked was: "When you hear it, you'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner" - well, excuse the expression, "And Shit", he was 50000% right! As for the choice, follow their advice and listen! Personally and by this I mean really personally (my ears): The Classic and the Valve are too sharp / metallic whilst the Ultima Recital, having listened to it on various Flat 6s, well, for me it was the BEST of the BEST. Due to a limited budget (numerours changes at the moment), I didn't change my Cats, probably replaced by 300 cell cats (advice from the Pro) in 2016. However, Guillaume advised me to change the air Filter for a question of Musicality - OK. When I turned up for the installation, early February, after turning around the houses for a while (yep, I had trouble finding the Shop half way down the road), there's a great welcome with a cup of coffee, guided tour of the restaurant, ah, no, the shop, cleaner than a restaurant! The Mechanic, a PEARL! He explains everything, gives tips on how to clean.. A Pearl I tell you. He also confirmed that changing the filter gives a little extra something. But, huge surprise from my beauty which unfortunately knocked the stuffing out of me : my rear tyres were completely worn even though they were only fitted less than a year ago and have recently been controlled! I was devastated and spent my time trying to find THE solution in order to make the most of my new sound! The road-test with Guillaume and the drive home (alone) went well but my heart wasn't in it - for good reason, fear of having an "accident".  However, once I'd fitted 4 new tyres and done a circuit of around a thousand kilometers, there, phew, dramatic change in the sound, a pure marvel and I can confirm: Why didn't I do this sooner! Maybe because I didn't know it was possible :) In use, to start with, I was frightened as I found there were vibrations and a "humming" (a "deep" sound which I found a bit weird) in the car and which I thought would get on my nerves on a long journey but, after several hundred kilometers, just as Guillaume had warned me, the sound changes slightly and the problem is rectified. In town, pressing gently on the accelerator, the sound is more obvious yet bearly audible. At cruising, you can sometimes hear the "humming" but it's really slight and not annoying. At acceleration, sorry but, "Fuck"... What joy! The most impressive moment: In the Tunnel de Rocquencourt. Just a tiny "race" with a 997 ==> Pfu, you couldn't hear him! Only problem: the fuel gauge !!! In fact, I shift down much more now and I accelerate faster than before just to hear that sound, wow, it's such a thrill ! 2nd problem: As I accelerate more, you hear me more and at all the toll booths, everyone turns to look, I'm not wild about that but it's hard to avoid. 3rd problem: Driving with the window down in Winter (and sometimes in the rain) just to keep hearing that sound! Yes yes, I do :) If you're hesitating, just find "the right" product in "THE" great range and GO FOR IT ! You just can't regret it ! When I get home late on a Sunday evening, by just going gently on the accelerator (it's very very hard but I don't have a choice), I don't have a problem. However, starting up from cold, ah, that's a different story, I wake everyone up and it' already been said (or at least understood) but with a big smile : "I heard you leaving very early this morning !". Just to finish, I'm 46 years old and I've fitted some 997 Adaptive Sport Seats to my 996 (it wasn't easy, it took a lot of work but, Hugues managed it - Thanks Hugues) and, although I would say that I have a preference for the Seats then for the Silencers; my nephew who's 24 prefers by far the sound of the Silencers over the Seats ! Ha, and his back, does he think about that ?! :) PS 1 : I was thinking about changing my Hifi, well, Thanks SCART, I've made an economy there :) My new Hifi suits me down to the ground. PS 2 : Long live the Cabriolet to enjoy it even better ! Sorry to go on a bit but I could go on for hours. A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE MECHANIC (who's name I still don't know - note to Guillaume) and to the entire SCART team who are really nice guys. Enjoy the music. 

Porsche 911 3.2L (1984 - 1989)

Stef, le 27/07/2014

Mr Scart, Following my order and the installation last week of a Riva silencer + Riva pre-silencer on my car / Porsche 911 - 3.2 Speedster. Several months ago I had decided (after lengthy consideration) upon your exhaust thinking that the description you gave for its origin would conjure up pictures of those marvelous Riva boats which cross the Venetian lagoon (at least that's how I imagined it). You also pointed out, during a telephone conversation before sending on the said exhaust, that both of us have our businesses at "rue Gustave Eiffel".  This anecdote seemed all the more amusing to you due to the fact that you describe youself as a metalworker, and its on this point that I'd like to differ.  Allow me to point out that metalworker is clearly not the most appropriate term to describe what you do, musician, artist or magician would be a more accurate description of your work.  I had ordered a silencer, not at all,  as what I received was the most beautiful of all musical insturments  I had hoped for the sound of the Rivas, it was almost that buta version with a "sound from the other side of the tomb"  Quite simply incredible, from idle with that throaty "glouglou" to full throttle where to go from a cavernous sound to a bestial scream, all of which, thankfully,  is punctuated by a virtual silence at cruising speed. From the mechanics at the official Porsche dealer in Nantes to friends (some of which are racing drivers or ex drivers in the carrera cup) the infatuation was unanimous, I who had simply ordered an exhaust, ended up with a work of art.  Please accept my most sincere thanks for your advice and my deep felt admiration for your work.

Porsche Cayman 987-1

Seb, le 29/06/2014

Hello Martin, A quick mail (well quite a long one now that I re-read it) to give you my feedback after several months use of my Cayman fitted with Ultima Recital silencers. A quick reminder, it was at the begining of the year, end of January - begining of February. It was a Cayman S 1st gen and you fitted the Ultima + sport air filter and a Y connector.  As I mentioned the day I picked the car up after the fitting, I am thrilled with the result! And I am just as thrilled after several months' use.  The silencers are run-in now and I feel the sound is huskier than the day I drove out of your workshop.  The other thing I like about this exhaust, is the fact that you can have sound when you want it and yet still be able drive quietly whenever you want. Its one of the features of this exhaust which I had read about in the write-ups and seen in the videos, but until I had it fitted I still wondered whether it wasn't going to be too loud for "quiet" journeys. I saw (or rather heard) straight away on the test drive that when the car is driven "traditionally", the sound is virtually the same as the original, and I can confirm that now.  I also really appreciate having a sport sound that is uniquely Porsche when I put my foot down, through the tunnels (particularly the tunnel on the A13 around the St Cloud underpass, with a slight incline), it just brings a smile to my lips, the sort of smile you have in any case when you drive a toy like this! I haven't had a chance yet to drive several hundred kilometers of motorway with it, that'll be for this summer.  However on the semi-urban motorways 

Porsche 997 II 3.6L

didier P Le Mans, le 04/06/2014

A pure-bred Manceau, I've been brought up with the sound of cars (24h) and in particular of Porsche. After a humming 964 I have, for 2 years now, a 997 C4S. An easy and pleasing car with PDK... However compared with the PSE woeful and disappointing !!!!  So I contacted Martin Scart who took me through what he could do.  A discussion which was in-depth and enjoyable and which seemed to amuse him, all of which persuaded me to commit myself to changing the "musical system" of the car: 200 cell Scart sport manifold + X pipe and air sport filters.  We kept the original silencers for the valves ! Good grief, how beautiful those Scart parts are, the precision of the fitting, and the perfection of the adjustments.  A real artist and not just a mechanic/ pipe-maker .... doubled up with a formidable ear for music.  AT LAST THE SOUND...! Plenty, really deep at low revs, rising at mid-revs with fabulous sharps notes. Without any agressivity or ungainly overtones.  Martin Scart is the true conductor of an orchestra of mechanical musical instruments which he has created. Congratulations, it's a permenant delight and at last a REAL SOUND which purrs throughout the interior of the car.... Thanks to you Martin Scart and to your team for their top notch expertise.  I will also never forget the phone call from Martin one Saturday morning just to see how I my return journey had been...  An incredible contact for a quality service and sumptuous result.  I take my hat off to the team and to Martin Scart. D.P.

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