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Intermediate exhaust with valves - For original 997-2 PSE

Intermediate exhaust with valves - For original 997-2 PSE

2 930,00 $ ref. : SCA 997-2 3.8L PSE VI stock :

This exhaust with valves fits:

> All the 2nd gen 3.8L 997 already fitted with a PSE, including the GTS

This exhaust is your magic wand! Wave it and the sound of your 2nd gen 997 will be transformed from virtual silence, to one of the most beautiful sounds in the history of Porsche. It has taken us more than twenty prototypes to achieve this result, and it has been patented. This exhaust replaces the central rear muffler and fits onto the mufflers in the fenders. With the valves closed, the sound is present yet never bothersome. With the valves open the sound is ample and powerful. This reference is only for the 3.8L 997-2 that is already fitted with a PSE. The valves are operated by a switch. Unlike the OEM exhaust with valves, our system does not cut out between 45 and 75 kms/h.  If you marry them up with our 200 cell sport cats, you'll be close to having the sound of a racing car. All the accessories are included (wiring harness and air kit). If you read some of the feedback from Porschists who have already fitted this version, you will have a better idea of the sound it gives. It is possible to connect the valves up to the original, central switch. For this, please contact us.

Our range of exhausts with valves also includes:
For the 2nd gen 997 without PSE
> A version with valves for the 3.6L (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.6L (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L VT)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L VT)
For the 2nd gen 997 with PSE
> A version with valves for the 3.6L PSA (switch controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L PSE VI)
> A version with valves for the 3.6L PSE (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.6L PSE VT)
> A version with valves for the 3.8L PSE (remote controlled) - (Reference : SCA 997-2 3.8L PSE VT)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

This exhaust replaces the rear transverse muffler and should take around 8 hours to fit including the time taken to remove the original exhaust. You will need to remove the rear bumper and you will need to use a car hoist. The original valves must be removed and the disc supplied with the exhaust will need to be welded. Ensure that the mechanic is able to weld stainless steel. For the connection to the tail-pipes, the pipes on the original mufflers will need to be cut.  This exhaust is not easy to fit so the fitting must be carried out by a professional Porsche specialist. Ideally one of our recommended garages.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions a mounting kit containing: clamps, gaskets, stainless steel bolts stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease the copper grease is included with your exhaust.  We recommend that you use the grease on the bolt threads and in the sleeves. The sleeves for fitting the exhaust to the rear mufflers, are not included as in 90% of cases you can reuse the original ones.


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Intermediate exhaust with valves - For original 997-2 PSE

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Benjamin, le 26/10/2022

Sylvain, le 11/06/2021

pilouf, le 04/06/2021

For the first anniversary of the arrival of my 997 GTS convertible I had decided, after reading a lot of comments on various forums, to offer him the only thing he lacked: a real "voice" (the PSE having a timbre a little too slender for my taste). Barely out of the deconfinement and after exchanging with Martin Scart by email and phone (thank you for the availability and the precious advices), I therefore went to Goussainville. Arrived on site at 8:00 am, welcome by Christophe "the" editing specialist (it seems that Martin thinks he can do the whole operation blindfolded, that's to say) who patiently explained to me all that he was going to do and allowed me to take multiple photos of the operation. Comfortably installed to be able to work on my side during the intervention, I left shortly after 3:00 p.m. On the way back, already the impression of being "elsewhere", in another car. But the 35km that bring me home (suburbs, periphery and co) not being ideal to make an impression I waited the following weekend and a stroll towards the south of Ile-de-France, hood open to give me a real opinion. And indeed I can now confirm to you all that I read of positive on this exhaust of madness. A just phenomenal, captivating sound that takes you to the guts and puts a huge smile on your lips. The valve system makes it possible to reduce, of course, if necessary, but at a stable speed, with the valves open, in my opinion we can make long journeys without discomfort. So a big thank you to Martin and Christophe for their advice, their availability, their kindness and for this magical sound!

Yves Trupin, le 25/05/2020

A huge thank you to Mr Martin SCART, his sales manager Mr Guillaume BEAUMONT, his team and his mecanic who fitted the exhaust and advised me to replace my original filters and tail-pipes.  The result is spectacular with the valves open and discrete with the valves closed. Even with the valves closed the sound is remarkable. The combination XPIPE, VALVES, SPORT AIR FILTERS, MATT BLACK TAIL-PIPES, REMOVAL OF THE SOUND CUT-OFF AT 75 Kms/H, AND CONNECTION TO THE ORIGINAL SWITCH.  I have no regrets about the cost as the result is there. Once again thank you to the SCART team.  I would recommend this combination to all 997 phase II owners.


ROGER , le 11/10/2016

Laurent, le 08/04/2016

I was thrilled with my 997 GTS Cabriolet, but the original sport exhaust was a real disappointment.  It was nothing like the PSE I'd had on my last 997 gen 1, which was great.  I wanted an exhaust that gave me a sound, but a genuine flat 6 sound.  I hesitated a while and then I went for Martin Scart's system with valves. I also liked the idea of not replacing the whole line but keeping as much as possible to the original.  I just had one fear, that there would be enough sound for my taste.  The result is surprising !!! I am so pleased, it's a huge bonus.  Valves open the sound is fantastic, I hadn't expected that, it's well over and above my expectations.  The sound is cavernous, powerful.... At full throttle its bestial and at low revs it purrs.  The added benefit of the valves, which is really good, is that you can be really discreet if you need to be.  The remote control is good quality.  To sum up, the contact, the welcome and the workmanship were perfect

Pascal, le 26/05/2014

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