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Sport cats (200cc) for 996 GT3 MK1

Sport cats (200cc) for 996 GT3 MK1

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These 200 cell sport catalytic converters fit:

> The 996 GT3 1st generation

This version has 200 cell metallic sport cats. They replace the original cats and provide a more efficient gas flow. The result is an additional 11hp and a greater sound.

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part. They can therefore be fitted in replacement of the original part without requiring any modification. The straps for fitting the cats are included.

These catalysers fit under the car between the headers and the rear muffler.  When dismounting the original cats we recommend you start by disconnecting the plugs of the Lambda probes, then remove them once the cats are dismantled.  It isn't easy to retrieve the Lambda probes so be prepared to buy new ones or have some already to hand.  It is often necessary to cut the sleeves at the cat outlet with a grinder so be prepared to replace these too with OEM Porsche sleeves.

On average, it should take about 3 hours to fit them including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust. It will be faster if the exhaust you're removing is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true.

You will need a car hoist for the job.

Remember that the bolts must always be tightened progressively across the entire set of bolts.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit containing: gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease, is included with your exhaust.

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Sport cats (200cc) for 996 GT3 MK1
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I've just sold my carrera S 997 to buy a GT3 3.6L and what I'll miss most, is the magnificent sound of its SCART Ultima Recital exhaust. A deep, husky sound, great no more need of the car stereo the car sings at the slightest acceleration with a little backfire when you slow down just like a racing car! Well done Mr SCART, and at cruising the sound is normal just as it should be. It's the best exhaust for the 997 S, in addition to which Mr scart is a great guy and always attentive, an enthusiast.  Don't hesitate to give yourself a treat, it'll transform your car.

Battoue, le 26/11/2014

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