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Sound break suppression

Sound break suppression

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This kit is connected to the original Porsche beam and allows the automatic shut-off of the valves between 45 and 75 km / h, while keeping the PSE button on the center console.

This break exists at Porsche 996, 997-1, 997-2 and the Boxster of these generations.

Small history: To homologate an exhaust manufacturers must make a dynamic test between 50 and 70 km / h. So Porsche put this cut of the valves between 45 and 75 km / h but without accounting for 3 things;
> This cut was not necessary for the respect of the sound standards which are always ok without this cut.
> Other builders (who have the same laws) did not apply it.
> It's punitive for drivers because it's the speed at which you get the most out of your car.
All this is so true that the Porsche no longer have this break from the 981 and 991-1 while the regulations have not changed.

Scart Weight: 0.10 Kg

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Sound break suppression

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Christophe, le 04/03/2021

Didier PERRONCEL, le 27/09/2019

Rap06, le 04/12/2017

Olivier Chantilly, le 08/11/2017

This message is intended for lovers of beautiful sound who have not yet taken the plunge  Within 24 hours, I witnessed my reptile being transformed into a wild cat under a spell cast by Martin Scart! Thank you to Martin for sharing his enthusiasm with so much patience and for being so available.  What a pleasure it's been since yesterday when an exhaust with valves was fitted on my virtually voiceless 2nd gen cayman 2! I'm not sure which gives me the greatest pleasure: the feeling I get sitting behind the wheel or the enthusiasm of my friends, fans of beautiful air-cooled mechanics...but all admirers of such a beautiful sound! Having been in a position to appreciate the quality of the welcome and the kindness of Martin's team, I now understand all those flattering messages left about RS TUBE!

Thierry, le 08/10/2014

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