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Cats by-pass

Cats by-pass

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These catalyser by-pass pipes fit the :

> Cayenne 955 Turbo

This version eliminates the secondary cats and retains only its primary cats. These are regulated by the lambda probes which handle the interface with the engine system. The engine system should therefore remain unaffected. By replacing the secondary cats with pipes means that we can improve the gas flow and improve the sound. This is essential if we want to make a significant improvement to the sound.  Simply removing the rear mufflers will not achieve this.

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part. They can therefore be fitted in replacement of the original part without requiring any modification.

These catalyser by-pass fit between the primary cats and the mufflers.

On average, it should take about 2 hours to fit them including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust. It will be faster if the exhaust you're dismounting is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true.

You will need a car hoist for this job as you will need to access the secondary cats which are situated under the front seats.

Tightening of the bolts must always be done progressively across the whole set of bolts....

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit containing: clamps, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease, is included with your exhaust.

Pipe diameter 65mm


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Cats by-pass

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