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Bar 4 touchs Sport

Bar 4 touchs Sport

300,00 $ ref. : B2-4TS stock :

This option allows you to have the PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) switch in the center console.

This kit includes:

> The original Porsche PSE switch with the options that are on your car and the PSE button in addition.

> The original Porsche electrical wires which connects to the multiplex pin of the new bar

> An additional electrical wires which makes it possible not to have the sound cut off between 45 and 75 Km/h which would exist with the original connections.

Before confirming your order, check the options in your car. To make sure you choose the right one. In phase 2, there are 5 different bars

Scart Weight: 0.10 Kg
Gain Vs Original: 0 Kg

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Bar 4 touchs Sport
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Christophe 13, le 07/12/2021

rolland zanzucchi, le 19/07/2020

Amaury VAUCHER, le 08/11/2017

Hi Martin, Oliv from Le Havre. Boxster 987 cab 2nd gen 2010 (now a fighter plane)  Having fitted the silencer with valve which gave what I call a racing sound (not easy to discribe a sound) I've fitted the headers and 200 cell primary cats ... and ...WHAT A SOUND... still racing, but add to that deep and seductive, and powerful.  The gloup gloups increase when decelerating, after driving with it a few times, more nervous ... the acceleration is just crazy, there is clearly more power.  THIS IS REALLY SOMETHING REALLY SOMETHING AND BEAUTIFUL.  Martin you're just going to have to take a look at my 964.... At the end of the day I'm a happy (Porsche) man.  All the fans and the rest turn round and ask straight out, what is that sound ? I want the same !!!! It's been a pleasure Oliv

Attila ACD (Olive), le 10/03/2014

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