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Dual tail pipes for 996 4S

Dual tail pipes for 996 4S

750,00 $ ref. : SCA 9964S 4 2 stock :

These tail-pipes fit :

> The 996 4S

These dual tail-pipes fit into the bumper of the 996 4S.  They do not affect the sound.
Should you wish to retain the original tail-pipes, we offer a polishing service that will bring them up as good as (or better than) new. The process involves 3 stages: firstly they are stripped down to remove the impurities, then polished mechanically and finally a protection is applied.

Our range of tail-pipes also includes the following reference for the 4S:
> A Turbo Look version - (Reference : SCA 9964S 4 2 TL)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

These tail-pipes fit straight onto the mufflers.

On average they take about 30 minutes to fit, including the time it takes to remove the original exhaust.

You do not necessarily need to use a car hoist, however it makes life much easier when you're aligning the tail-pipes.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit including: washers, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease, are included in the price of this exhaust.  We recommend that you use the copper grease on the thread of the screws when fitting.

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Dual tail pipes for 996 4S
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Olivier B, le 28/11/2022

Florent, le 03/05/2022

Jean Pierre , le 10/12/2021

SAVARINO eric, le 10/05/2021

Stef , le 17/02/2021

MJC91, le 28/01/2020

Laurent, le 10/06/2019

Christian A, le 02/02/2019


Eric (Ricket), le 14/05/2018

A 996 Carrera 4S deserves special care. As I'm the one that takes care of her, I changed the spark plugs and the coils and then, as my Christmas present to myself, I opted for the luxury of an Ultima Recital exhaust. There was no choice in the matter, it had to be a SCART (French and quality). I took it out for a test drive. The sound is surprising,  it sounds like a real sports car. Now you know!

Raphaël, le 31/01/2018

Philippe, le 07/07/2017

seb targa, le 01/07/2017

ANDRE, le 05/06/2017

christian, le 21/05/2017

DG, le 17/01/2017

Bernard, le 19/07/2016

Onoff36, le 23/06/2016

Olivier, le 07/03/2016

Silencer with valves for 996 4S  Hello Monday morning 9/11/15, check-in with the team. After several hours for the installation, new silencer fitted and then, the shock. Very surprised by the angry sound I hear, I've the impression I have a new car in my hands. I don't regret my choice of a Scart. A huge thank you to Guillaume and his enthusiastic team.


Jeanjean, le 13/11/2015

Finding my 996 4S voiceless, I had the idea of treating it with some Scart with valves + BMC air filter. An excellent idea as it turns out.  Since then my "frog" is unleashed. The acceleration is melodious.  To be more precise, with valves closed the sound is more husky than the original, pleasant yet discrete. Valves open...pure joy.  Thank you Guillaume for your warm welcome, continue the good work

gueroune, le 11/07/2015

As agreed here's the photo of your 200 cell sport cats installed on my 996 4S by Pascal Germain at GT Sport! To follow, certainly a sport air filter, followed then by new silencers...I want to go metallic! Thanks again for the excellent work.

Florian, le 27/04/2015

FANTASTIC! I have equipped my 996 4S with two Scart silencers with valves operated by switch.  Even with valves closed the sound is really nice and the car is completely transformed once the valves are opened, what a delight.  It feels like driving a new car.  The switch means that I don't wake the neighbours or can pass discretely through a sleepy village, then open the valves on the open country or mountain roads... A real fest.  Very professional welcome and job by the whole team.  As for  Martin Scart, an enthusiast and a great guy who knows his subject.  I highly recommend the transformation...

alain, le 05/04/2015

Hi, very disappointed by the sound or rather the lack of sound of my 996 C4S I went for the Ultima Recital which I fitted myself.  What a change! Nice sound when idling, a roar at acceleration and quiet when cruising, perfect on a long journey.  The finish is super, fitting easy, just one hick - the price which has just gone up...

PASCAL, le 24/03/2015

My 996 4S was too bland for my taste, I was searching on the net to find a possible solution. And there I fell upon Martin SCART's website.  Having listened to the different options, I chose the ULTIMA R model

Maurice, le 16/03/2015

Hello, I found the sound of my Flat 6 (996 C4 from 2003) extremely dull not to say inexistant! After a bit of research on the net, you come up with 2 major players: French or German - ahh, that wouldn't be the same nationality as my beauty? I rather liked the Stuttgart option but what if there was a problem... And then, after several email exchanges, phone calls (thank you to Guillaume for his patience) well, you can feel their enthusiasm, the good advice, the sale isn't forced but is informed and advised! Take the time to listen, take a look at our website, to our FB... take your time (I didn't get that from the Germans who were far more direct). Above all what I really liked was: "When you hear it, you'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner" - well, excuse the expression, "And Shit", he was 50000% right! As for the choice, follow their advice and listen! Personally and by this I mean really personally (my ears): The Classic and the Valve are too sharp / metallic whilst the Ultima Recital, having listened to it on various Flat 6s, well, for me it was the BEST of the BEST. Due to a limited budget (numerours changes at the moment), I didn't change my Cats, probably replaced by 300 cell cats (advice from the Pro) in 2016. However, Guillaume advised me to change the air Filter for a question of Musicality - OK. When I turned up for the installation, early February, after turning around the houses for a while (yep, I had trouble finding the Shop half way down the road), there's a great welcome with a cup of coffee, guided tour of the restaurant, ah, no, the shop, cleaner than a restaurant! The Mechanic, a PEARL! He explains everything, gives tips on how to clean.. A Pearl I tell you. He also confirmed that changing the filter gives a little extra something. But, huge surprise from my beauty which unfortunately knocked the stuffing out of me : my rear tyres were completely worn even though they were only fitted less than a year ago and have recently been controlled! I was devastated and spent my time trying to find THE solution in order to make the most of my new sound! The road-test with Guillaume and the drive home (alone) went well but my heart wasn't in it - for good reason, fear of having an "accident".  However, once I'd fitted 4 new tyres and done a circuit of around a thousand kilometers, there, phew, dramatic change in the sound, a pure marvel and I can confirm: Why didn't I do this sooner! Maybe because I didn't know it was possible :) In use, to start with, I was frightened as I found there were vibrations and a "humming" (a "deep" sound which I found a bit weird) in the car and which I thought would get on my nerves on a long journey but, after several hundred kilometers, just as Guillaume had warned me, the sound changes slightly and the problem is rectified. In town, pressing gently on the accelerator, the sound is more obvious yet bearly audible. At cruising, you can sometimes hear the "humming" but it's really slight and not annoying. At acceleration, sorry but, "Fuck"... What joy! The most impressive moment: In the Tunnel de Rocquencourt. Just a tiny "race" with a 997 ==> Pfu, you couldn't hear him! Only problem: the fuel gauge !!! In fact, I shift down much more now and I accelerate faster than before just to hear that sound, wow, it's such a thrill ! 2nd problem: As I accelerate more, you hear me more and at all the toll booths, everyone turns to look, I'm not wild about that but it's hard to avoid. 3rd problem: Driving with the window down in Winter (and sometimes in the rain) just to keep hearing that sound! Yes yes, I do :) If you're hesitating, just find "the right" product in "THE" great range and GO FOR IT ! You just can't regret it ! When I get home late on a Sunday evening, by just going gently on the accelerator (it's very very hard but I don't have a choice), I don't have a problem. However, starting up from cold, ah, that's a different story, I wake everyone up and it' already been said (or at least understood) but with a big smile : "I heard you leaving very early this morning !". Just to finish, I'm 46 years old and I've fitted some 997 Adaptive Sport Seats to my 996 (it wasn't easy, it took a lot of work but, Hugues managed it - Thanks Hugues) and, although I would say that I have a preference for the Seats then for the Silencers; my nephew who's 24 prefers by far the sound of the Silencers over the Seats ! Ha, and his back, does he think about that ?! :) PS 1 : I was thinking about changing my Hifi, well, Thanks SCART, I've made an economy there :) My new Hifi suits me down to the ground. PS 2 : Long live the Cabriolet to enjoy it even better ! Sorry to go on a bit but I could go on for hours. A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE MECHANIC (who's name I still don't know - note to Guillaume) and to the entire SCART team who are really nice guys. Enjoy the music. 

ManuConf, le 03/03/2015

Recent owner (a little under a year) of a 996 carrera 4S cabriolet, I wanted to give the sound of my 911 a real boost. I chose a pair of silencers (Ultima Recital plus air filter) and it's a never-ending recital, I live in central France and though the journey up towards Paris wasn't very thrilling, the return journey, was just great and it was raining so the roof was up, but roof down... I can't wait for the first rays of sunshine to hear the Flat6 sing.  since the 17th of February my 911 is transformed it's a great organ it's all I had hoped for and more a huge thanks to Martin SCART and to all his team for the great job they do and the welcome I received when I visited them. It goes to show that in France we have the technical capacity to make incredible products.

Jean-Louis, le 03/03/2015

In May 2014 I bought a Porsche 996 4S with a defective Pse.  According to Porsche the exhaust needed replacing and the estimate was totally unreasonable.... Appointment made with Martin Scart to fit a pair of SCART silencers with valves, 4 hours of hard labour due to the rust...which didn't put off such a professional and experienced man, really nice guy too!!! see the excellent article which ("literally") describes him as "the Porsche whisperer". And its not a Hollywood production but a superb French production the end product being a work of art made of stainless steel!! and what can I say about the all important issue - the sound, it's good... it's magnificent... what a pleasure it is to drive!!!! Thank you very much Martin it's PERFECT!!!

Rudy, le 13/10/2014

The 8th of July 2014 Porsche 996 3.6L BV6  Pure joy, a fabulous sound !! Ultima Recital fitted at Plan de Campagne. Great work and very pro ! Thanks to all the Scart team  Thierry

Thierry, le 20/07/2014

Patrice, May 28th 2014.  vehicle: Porsche 996 4S. Excellent sound with the scart ultima recital I don't need the car stereo any more the sound is so good.  A real pleasure.  Well done and thank you.

Meioni Patrice, le 28/05/2014

Late November 2013, owner of a 996 C4S with a sound that I found "weak", I was looking for a sport silencer which I could disconnect.  By pure chance, I came across Martin SCART's website which apart from giving me hope informed me that a new workshop had opened just off the Marseille ringroad. Appointment booked, I introduced the "beast" and the man religiously set about presenting his range.  Products made from French stainless steel, hand made and fitted by his fair hand!!!!! I'd initially planned on simply having a look but in the end I left him with my toy, which 24 hours later left the workshop with a pair of Ultima Recital silencers, handmade dual tail-pipes, new air fiter and a turn on the power bench which showed that in addition to a sound which would make an Italian blush there was a substantial increase in hp and torque!!! I think of this man every day when I start up my car and remind myself that French craftmanship is good! Thank you Mr Martin SCART for what you have achieved.

Stéphane, le 11/05/2014

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