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Mufflers - Super sound Ultima style

Mufflers - Super sound Ultima style

2 380,00 $ ref. : SCA 996 3 2 + stock :

These mufflers fit the:

> 996 3.4L and 3.6L

This is our Best Seller for the 996. Since it was created in 2005 we have sold over 700 pairs. The "Ultima Recital" has 3 principle features:
> A deep and pronounced sound when you start up
> A discreet sound at cruising speed
> A very playful sound when accelerating
Compared with the Classic SCART version, the Ultima has a fixed by-pass which under high pressure blocks the chicane sending the gases directly out of the car.
Your choice of muffler should take into account the cylinder capacity of the car and the type of gearbox it has.  Paradoxically, the greater the cylinder capacity of the car, the lower the sound level. Which means that a less powerful 3.4L will have a greater sound than a 3.6L.
The type of gearbox is even more discriminating. Aside from the fact that the engine system settings are different for the Tiptronic and manual gearboxes, the Tiptronic runs at a lower engine speed.

A mounting kit is included wit the mufflers (it excludes the sleeves for fitting to the cats and the clamps for the tail pipes).

Our range also includes the following mufflers:
> A Classic sport version - (Reference : SCA 996 3 2)
> A sport version with valves - (Reference : SCA 996 3 2 VI or VT)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

This muffler fits directly after the cats.

On average it takes about 2 hours to fit, including the time it takes to remove the original exhaust. It will be faster if the exhaust you're removing is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true. There is no need to remove the rear bumper, you simply need to remove the lower bolts behind the wheels. If the sleeves on the catalytic converter end and the clamps on the tail-pipe end are original parts, we would recommend that you replace them.

You will need a car hoist for the job. Without one you will need to remove the rear bumper and the process will take twice as long.

When tightening the 4 bolts on the sleeves, be sure to respect the recommended tightening torque of 46Nm and this progressively across the entire set of bolts. If the exhaust fitting is insufficiently or overly tightened you could end up with an air leak, which would ruin the sound of the exhaust. 

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit containing: gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease is included with your exhaust. We recommend using the copper grease on the bolt threads, the sleeves and on the clamps when fitting the exhaust.


Scart Weight: 12.00 Kg
Gain Vs Original: 7 Kg

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Mufflers - Super sound Ultima style

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Vasko, le 24/07/2022

Malaisé Thomas, le 23/07/2022

PP60, le 22/03/2022

Pierre , le 08/04/2019

Jack911, le 14/09/2018

Rebiere, le 20/07/2016

I've just acquired my first porsche 996 and it's true the sound of the original isn't bad, but I wanted to have a real Flat 6 with more oomph and thanks to Martin Scart, his team and his silencers (Ultima Recital) the car is transformed, it's all that I hoped for  a huge thanks once again to Martin Scart and his team.

Tristan, le 27/01/2015

I am ecstatic since I had 2 Ultima Recital silencers fitted to my 996 3.4l at Plan de Campagne in March 2014. I've discovered a new car.  What music, just as much at a steady engine speed as at high revs.  What a pleasure it is driving on country roads and to be able to hear that fabulous Flat 6 sing at last. Thanks once again to Martin Scart for all the explanations he gave me and for the test drive together after the fitting.  Olivier (Toulon)

Olivier DUVERNAY, le 07/11/2014

  2 years ago I acquired a 996 3.4 (a childhood dream come true at 40). Right from the start I couldn't wait to install some scarts as the sound of the original really isn't up to the standard of such a car. I finally had them installed today (2 magnificent polished stainless steel objects, beautiful Scart workmanship), it really isn't difficult (you just need a bit of perseverance and a bit of WD40 where it's seized up).  The car is transformed.  At last a sound worthy of a sports car.

bob91996, le 01/11/2014

We're close to perfect. Scart Classic on a 996 3.4L for an exceptional sound, true to the Porsche spirit... Visit to the workshop, advice, anecdotes and real professionalism from the entire team. Well done !

Romain, le 18/10/2014

A huge thanks to Martin Scart for his help.  I bought a pair of Ultima Recital and I didn't know how to fit them.  A quick call and Martin took me through the steps in 2 mins. A big thank you for being so reliable.  Added to which the exhausts are fabulous.  Beautifully made and a cool sound at mid throttle and exquisite once you open up... You've got it,   I recommend RSTUBE and Scart.....THANK YOU

hypermotard, le 15/06/2014

Even though you'd forgotten my appointment, you did all that was necessary to have my Ultima finished and fitted within the hour, quite a race !!!  The result is all I had hoped for, the write-ups on line are all true.  My 911 is transformed.  Thanks once again JMT

JM Tanghe, le 18/05/2014

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