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Tail pipes - Polished

Tail pipes - Polished

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These tail-pipes fit :

> All the 993 Turbo

Our oval-shaped tail-pipes are larger and fill the space already provided in the rear bumper. They do not affect the sound.
Should you wish to retain the original tail-pipes, we offer a polishing service that will bring them up as good as (or better than) new. The process involves 3 stages: firstly they are stripped down to remove the impurities, then polished mechanically and finally a protection is applied.

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

These tail-pipes fit straight onto the mufflers.

On average they take about 30 minutes to fit, including the time it takes to remove the original exhaust.

You do not necessarily need to use a car hoist, however it makes life much easier when you're aligning the tail-pipes.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit including: washers, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease, are included in the price of this exhaust.  We recommend that you use the copper grease on the thread of the screws when fitting.

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Tail pipes - Polished

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