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X pipe

X pipe

1 950,00 $ ref. : SCA 991-2 XP stock :

This X pipe mounts to replace the original central silencer.

On this car, the catalystic converters are so restrictive that they greatly fragment the sound wave. So much so that the function of the muffler has become minor.
You have here a simple solution to significantly improve the sound of your car.

You will always have a soft ride possible and in acceleration, the sound result will be worthy of the larger atmospheric engines. (101dB acceleration to 4000T with the original catalysts).

For those who wish to cross an additional course, the assembly of this X pipe is possible by combining it with Sport 200cc SCART cats. This combination delivers 105dB in acceleration.

As Jean-Michel said, it's starting to meow !

PORSCHE Original
At rest  71dB
Stabilized at 4000RPM  90dB
Acceleration  91d

SCART X pipe
At rest  74dB
Stabilized at 4000RPM  96dB
Acceleration  101dB

SCART X pipe + Cata sport 200cc
At rest  78dB
Stabilized at 4000RPM  98dB
Acceleration  105dB

Scart Weight: 4.00 Kg
Gain Vs Original: 8.5 Kg

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X pipe

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