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Valves exhausts

Valves exhausts

2 900,00 $ ref. : SCA 991-2 3 2 VI stock :

This reference is a new way of designing an exhaust.

Indeed the original part has 2 entrances on each side, the small one which is the only one with closed valves. With a diameter of only 38mm it arrives in the silencer by a tube ... blocked! To progress the gases must pass through a perforated sheet. The valves therefore serve both to generate sound but above all to provide additional gas extraction capacity. Beyond a certain engine speed (5000T stopped), the valves open. It is therefore important to keep the original PSE switch.

Making a valve exhaust made up of tubes, without muffler, is counter-intuitive. But with this difference in diameter, it works very well.

This valves exhaust don't fit on a non PSE 991-2

Here are the sound results in decibels:

PSE original closed valves
At rest  71dB
Flat 4000 RPM  90dB
Acceleration  91dB

PSE origine opened valves
​At rest  72dB
Flat 4000 RPM  92dB
Acceleration  95dB

SCART closed valves
​At rest  72dB
Flat 4000 RPM  92dB
Acceleration  95dB

SCART opened valves
​At rest  74dB
Flat 4000 RPM  94dB
Acceleration  98dB

Pour info voici les performances sonore de l'échappement à valves
avec les nos catalyseurs sport 200cc :

SCART closed valves + Sport Cat 200cc
​At rest  73dB
Flat 4000 RPM  95dB
Acceleration  100dB

SCART opened valves + Sport Cat 200cc
​At rest  78dB
Flat 4000 RPM  96dB
Acceleration  104dB


Scart Weight: 4.90 Kg
Gain Vs Original: 5.66 Kg

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Valves exhausts
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