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Remote control

Remote control

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Our valves exhausts are delivred with a switch.

This current option replace the switch by a remote control (2 units) if you are ordering a valves exhausts.

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Remote control
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Simon, le 30/04/2024

Thierry TRUMEAU, le 02/10/2017

Having already equipped my 996 4S about ten years ago, it's now the turn of my 991 4S to enjoy a SCART sport exhaust (without valves) what joy exceptional melody as I accelerate and a discreet deep note at low revs. You can go for an exhaust without valves, there's no problem and it's cheaper!!!

GG, le 12/09/2016

Lopez, le 19/07/2016

Hello, I would like to give you some feedback concerning the installation of a Scart exhaust on my 991 4S. My 991 had a weak spot...no sport exhaust. I know quite a bit about the original Porsche sport exhausts as I've had several 4S and GTS with the origianl sport exhaust. But this time...having taken a good look around I chose a Scart exhaust which has the reputation of being reliable and French-made. Concerning the reliability: I received the parcel on the Friday and decided to install it on the Saturday. During the installation...a doubt prevented me from going any further! I decide to try my luck, I call Guillaume on his mobile and leave a message. Within the hour Martin Scart in person called back to answer my question and resolved the problem! Not bad!!! Concerning the exhaust itself, for the first month, I was a little skeptical as I felt that the original Porsche sport exhaust had a better sound. On this point, Guillaume and Martin called me the week after the installation to find out how everything had gone (not bad either...) I shared my impression...They replied that I should be patient and wait a little for the "beast" to settle in.  True enough, the beast revealed itself. What a bluff! Just crazy...It sings, it crackles, as soon as you accelerate, the sound is mind-blowing without being deafening and above all without a feeling of resonance within the car (really important). In short, a pure pleasure well over and above the original Porsche version. Just for a little anecdote, now and again I turn on the Spa Francorchamps circuit. At the most recent Porsche Days several people asked me where that beautiful sound came from...So don't hesitate, give yourself a treat, you won't regret it.

Fabrice de Lille, le 21/06/2015

This 991S is my 7th 911 and I've tested all the models from the 2,4 to the 997 GT3 including the 993 (which already had a SCART at the time...). I'd recently been disappointed by the sound of a 2nd generation 997 when I met my 991S with an enchanting PSE.  The valves, well they're fun for 5 minutes, but I quickly realised that I just left them...open of course.  So I installed a "Sport" exhaust without valves by SCART and there....an ecstatic sound. A deep cavernous sound but not overbearing at a steady engine speed, and then a real GT3 at high revs...what a thrill! It feels as if I've got a V8 in the back!!!

Goodson, le 25/10/2014

Happy owner of a Porsche 991 S, and new to Porsche, I was thrilled with my vehicle.  Road-holding, sensations, accelerations, equipment... perfect.  I remember when on my first visit to the Porsche showroom, the salesman sat me down for at least 5 minutes in the car and almost immediately turned on the ignition so that I could hear the sound of the flat 6 echoing off the walls of the showroom.  I signed.  A 911 sells itself by its sound... Only several months later, I must admit to have been very frustrated by a feeling that the sound was muffled, lacking, lifeless.  Wait for the tunnels and lower the windows to "hear something"... So I called Martin Scart.  I came across someone who was enthusiastic, a respectful sound wizard, for beautiful machines and sensations.  I left my car in his expert hands for a few hours. He gave me back a new 911 ! it's not the same car, it growls, it digs deep, roars, goes off into those high notes then comes back to the deep glouglous, and the magic of when the stick-shift automatically gives "a ittle bit of gas" still gives me a thrill.  What a car! The valve system he installed also means that I don't wake up the neighbourhood, nor does it do my head in on long distances, as you can put it in "mute" mode at the flick of a button.  Wow ! Martin you are a magician. 

GV1968, le 17/03/2014

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