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Central muffler - Super sound

Central muffler - Super sound

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This central muffler fits:

> All the 991

The sound of the 991 comes entirely from this central rear muffler, none from the lateral mufflers. This muffler without valves is very successful because it enables you to have a great sound when accelerating and decelerating yet remain discreet at cruising speed.  The version with valves offers a greater range of sound, but this one is excellent, and it's our favourite. Our mufflers for the 991 can be adjusted on one side which makes them easy to adapt.

Our range also includes:
> A sport version with valves - (Reference : SCA 991 3 2 VI or VT)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part.

These mufflers fit straight onto the catalyser outlets.

On average they take about 3 hours to fit, including the time it takes to remove the original exhaust. You will need to remove the rear bumper.  You will find the air filters here too, so we recommend that you take this opportunity to replace them with sport air filters.

It is preferable but not essential to use a car hoist as the original exhaust is fairly easy to remove. Remember that the bolts must always be tightened progressively across the whole set of bolts... When all is in place, tighten the clamp.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit including: gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts, high temperature copper grease as well as the 2 straps, is included with the exhaust. We recommend using the copper grease on the bolt threads and the gaskets when fitting the exhaust.


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Central muffler - Super sound

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Thierry TRUMEAU, le 02/10/2017

Having already equipped my 996 4S about ten years ago, it's now the turn of my 991 4S to enjoy a SCART sport exhaust (without valves) what joy exceptional melody as I accelerate and a discreet deep note at low revs. You can go for an exhaust without valves, there's no problem and it's cheaper!!!

GG, le 12/09/2016

Lopez, le 19/07/2016

Hello, I would like to give you some feedback concerning the installation of a Scart exhaust on my 991 4S. My 991 had a weak spot...no sport exhaust. I know quite a bit about the original Porsche sport exhausts as I've had several 4S and GTS with the origianl sport exhaust. But this time...having taken a good look around I chose a Scart exhaust which has the reputation of being reliable and French-made. Concerning the reliability: I received the parcel on the Friday and decided to install it on the Saturday. During the installation...a doubt prevented me from going any further! I decide to try my luck, I call Guillaume on his mobile and leave a message. Within the hour Martin Scart in person called back to answer my question and resolved the problem! Not bad!!! Concerning the exhaust itself, for the first month, I was a little skeptical as I felt that the original Porsche sport exhaust had a better sound. On this point, Guillaume and Martin called me the week after the installation to find out how everything had gone (not bad either...) I shared my impression...They replied that I should be patient and wait a little for the "beast" to settle in.  True enough, the beast revealed itself. What a bluff! Just crazy...It sings, it crackles, as soon as you accelerate, the sound is mind-blowing without being deafening and above all without a feeling of resonance within the car (really important). In short, a pure pleasure well over and above the original Porsche version. Just for a little anecdote, now and again I turn on the Spa Francorchamps circuit. At the most recent Porsche Days several people asked me where that beautiful sound came from...So don't hesitate, give yourself a treat, you won't regret it.

Fabrice de Lille, le 21/06/2015

This 991S is my 7th 911 and I've tested all the models from the 2,4 to the 997 GT3 including the 993 (which already had a SCART at the time...). I'd recently been disappointed by the sound of a 2nd generation 997 when I met my 991S with an enchanting PSE.  The valves, well they're fun for 5 minutes, but I quickly realised that I just left them...open of course.  So I installed a "Sport" exhaust without valves by SCART and there....an ecstatic sound. A deep cavernous sound but not overbearing at a steady engine speed, and then a real GT3 at high revs...what a thrill! It feels as if I've got a V8 in the back!!!

Goodson, le 25/10/2014

Happy owner of a Porsche 991 S, and new to Porsche, I was thrilled with my vehicle.  Road-holding, sensations, accelerations, equipment... perfect.  I remember when on my first visit to the Porsche showroom, the salesman sat me down for at least 5 minutes in the car and almost immediately turned on the ignition so that I could hear the sound of the flat 6 echoing off the walls of the showroom.  I signed.  A 911 sells itself by its sound... Only several months later, I must admit to have been very frustrated by a feeling that the sound was muffled, lacking, lifeless.  Wait for the tunnels and lower the windows to "hear something"... So I called Martin Scart.  I came across someone who was enthusiastic, a respectful sound wizard, for beautiful machines and sensations.  I left my car in his expert hands for a few hours. He gave me back a new 911 ! it's not the same car, it growls, it digs deep, roars, goes off into those high notes then comes back to the deep glouglous, and the magic of when the stick-shift automatically gives "a ittle bit of gas" still gives me a thrill.  What a car! The valve system he installed also means that I don't wake up the neighbourhood, nor does it do my head in on long distances, as you can put it in "mute" mode at the flick of a button.  Wow ! Martin you are a magician. 

GV1968, le 17/03/2014

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