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Sport cat by-pass

Sport cat by-pass

950,00 $ ref. : SCA 964T 2 3 stock :

This sport catalytic converter by-pass fits :

> All the 964 Turbos

This version does not have a catalytic converter, it has a by-pass pipe and a small muffler. This enables you to replace the original catalytic converter, creating a natural air flow and a substantially greater sound. The power gain for a standard 964 Turbo is 8hp. This gain is less than you would have with our 100 cell sport cats because with the uncatalyzed version the counter pressure is greater. This catalytic converter by-pass includes a small muffler designed to reduce the sound waves. The additional air intake of the original version has been eliminated quite simply because the belt used up horsepower without giving any additional benefit. Just for information, Porsche designed this system with the idea of "injecting" cool air from the outside into the muffler in order to artificially dilute the exhaust gas mix expelled at the tail pipe.

Our range also includes:
> A standard 400 cell catalyzed version  - (Reference : SCA 964T 2 1)
> A 100 cell sport catalyzed version - (Reference : SCA 964T 2 2)

Our exhausts all have the original interfaces, this means that their entries, exits and their overall dimensions comply with the original part. They can therefore be fitted as a direct replacement of the original part without requiring any modification.

This catalytic converter is fitted between the turbo and the last muffler.

On average, this exhaust can be fitted within 2 hours, including the dismounting of the original exhaust. Fitting time will be faster if the exhaust you're dismounting is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true.

You will need a car hoist for the job. It isn't easy to retrieve the Lambda sensor so be prepared to buy a new one or have one already to hand.

You should always tighten the bolts progressively across all the bolts concerned.

For our exhausts to be fitted in ideal conditions, their price includes a mounting kit which contains: gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease.


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Sport cat by-pass

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