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Sport muffler 1,7L

Sport muffler 1,7L

1 890,00 $ ref. : SCA 914-4 1,7L 3 2 stock :

This sport muffler fits :

> All the 1.7L 914-4 (Please note that there is a different model for the 2.0L 914-4)

This is our sport muffler with its traditional 911 sausage shape. It will give your flat 4 the most wonderful sound without going overboard.

We also have another option in our range :
> A super sound version - (Reference : SCA 914-4 1.7L 3 2 +)

This muffler fits under the car directly onto the headers and is fairly easy to fit.

It should take about 1h30. including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust. However, it may take longer if the bolts are corroded. Use of a car hoist is preferable but not essential.

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size are the same as those of the original part. They can therefore replace an original muffler without requiring any modification.

Tightening of the bolts must always be done progressively across the whole set of bolts....

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions, a mounting kit containing: stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts and high temperature copper grease, is included with your exhaust.


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Sport muffler 1,7L
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Mtas , le 29/12/2022

As an enthusiast for the classic 911 I was tempted to try out a 2,0L 914 (1973)... and it proved to be a revelation... for its kind of off-beat style, its good feeling but also for its central engine, it's road-holding..etc... virtually a perfect car to my mind... virtually though because the sound of the flat4 isn't quite as sexy as that of the flat6... So I took a chance and bought and fitted a scart exhaust... since then I am more than satisfied with its full and generous sound... without overdoing it...thank you and well done!

Nicolastarga, le 07/04/2014

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