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Muffler for 911 3,2L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER

Muffler for 911 3,2L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER

1 820,00 $ ref. : SCA 911 3,2 3 2 Riva stock :

This muffler fits the :

> 911 3.2L

For these cars, the muffler gives 80% of the sound (the remaining 20% comes via the pre-muffler). We offer 3 different mufflers for this car in order to satisfy all your tastes.

This exhaust is our Best Seller for the 911 3.2L.  Its RIVA style sound gives volume and depth to the flat 6. This is what we do best for this 911. This exhaust brings out all that's hiding in the depths of the Porsche engine. You will discover new pleasures with each mile you drive.  This sport version has the traditional 911 muffler shape. We call it "banana" whereas English-speakers call it a "sausage" or "hot dog"!

Our range also includes the following solutions:
> A sport version with valves - (Reference : SCA 911 3 2 VI)
> A sport sound version - (Reference : SCA 911 3.2 3 2)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size conform to the original part. This muffler fits several centimeters further back into the rear bumper to enable a better cooling. Our exhaust sits on its own support which we supply with the exhaust. This support replaces the original one.

This muffler fits directly after the pre-muffler.

On average the fitting time is 1 hour, including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust. Fitting time will be faster if the exhaust you're dismounting is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true.

It is preferable but not essential to use a car hoist.

Dismounting the original exhaust is fairly easy. If the 3 bolts of the entry flange are badly damaged by rust, you may need to use a grinder.

It is important to respect the maker's tightening torque. If the exhaust fitting is insufficiently or overly tightened you could end up with an air leak.  Tightening of the bolts must always be done progressively across the whole set of bolts...

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions a mounting kit including:gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts, high temperature copper grease as well as the 2 SCART straps is included with this exhaust. We recommend that you use the copper grease on the thread of the bolts and on the gaskets when fitting.


Gain Vs Original: 9.5 Kg

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Muffler for 911 3,2L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER
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David , le 12/06/2024

Christophe, le 18/05/2024

My catalyzed 911 3.2 G50 of 88 came out of silence to start a career of Diva of the road! The 2 hours back in the North of France were magical. Thank you to all the SCART team for the warm welcome, all the explanations in RIVA products assembly, the visit of the workshop and the test drive! I recommend.

Sylvain, le 04/12/2023

Sylvain, le 04/12/2023

Laurent , le 17/10/2023

Pich59, le 30/03/2023

JMB, le 27/11/2022

Stéphane , le 17/03/2022

Le Gal Philippe, le 02/03/2021

RV, le 26/01/2021

olivier marne , le 14/12/2020

william, le 14/12/2020

Greg, le 16/07/2020

Olivier P., le 20/05/2020

Laurent, le 11/05/2020

Patrice, le 16/10/2019


ed, le 04/04/2018

As the owner of a 1988, 911 coupé, I had several phone conversations with Cyrille DELMAS at SCART before deciding on a RIVA muffler. The exhaust was deliverd within 24 hours and then fitted. Then the moment of truth ... the engine started up and ... WAHOU, incredible !!! An exhilerating, magical sound and a delight on the road ... it has transformed the car. A big thank you to the SCART team for their advice and professionalism.

François-Xavier, le 10/01/2018

Emery, le 24/09/2017

Owner of a 3.2 coupe from 89 and former owner of several American cars with big V8s with performance exhausts, I had no other choice than to choose a racing pre-muffler coupled up with a SCART Riva sausage and intermediate pipe.  I take this opportunity to reassure any of you that have hesitations about the racing !! It is really roaringly lovely when accelerating and then in decel you take yourself for a movie star named Steve LOL!!! Rest assured that for normal driving at a steady speed it's discreet and not at all deafening. For the moment I've only done 150 kms and apparantly the sound evolves once you've done over 500 kms, brilliant... Thank you so much Martin my beautiful 3.2 carries the SCART signature and it's a great honour !!! Overtaking alongside a 1m high wall - fantastic...

FRED, le 24/04/2017

Following on from my message from December 2015 which followed the one from October 2015!! Once again the Scart service was on top form! After fitting a Racing pre-silencer/ Riva sausage in October 2015 then a change of mind for a Riva pre-silencer/ Riva sausage in December of the same year, here's the latest episode of the "troublemaker" series (by that I mean me!)  Although the sound was great, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the all-Riva combination, too gutteral and too deep even when accelerating (please note, this is only my subjective point of vue!), I decided to go back to the Racing/ Riva combination once and for all,  I missed the soaring lyricism of this devilish pair when I accelerate! So, a new appointment was made on the 29th of September with Martin's very patient team via an equally kind and patient Guillaume. After a quick cup of coffee, the dismounting could start to replace the Riva pre-silencer with the Racing and there, at a turn of the key, just like the first time, a bewitching sound, a magnificent melody, a hymn to the vintage Porsches, an operatic aria, in sum... a sound sent from heaven!! A blop-blop at low revs, then a groooaaar at half throttle to a grriiiing at high revs and all in a comfortable accoustic environment with the windows up! What joy! In short, I think you've got the point, this time I have definately made the right choice and it's with a happy heart (I know I'm a bit over the top at times, but then it's my "Mediteranean" temperament!) that I write this message to share my experience with this master lute maker (yes that's how I see them)! Once again, thank you to the whole team for their patience, their welcome, their kindness and their know-how; I cannot recommend you high enough. To any sceptics I'd like to point out that I hold no shares in this venerable company! Fair winds (I like the sailing analogy) for you Martin and for the company and I wish you a great success with your American adventure...

Gilles, le 05/10/2016

As I promised Martin Scart, here is my feedback on the RIVA silencer which was fitted on my 3,2 Turbo Look Factory Cabriolet from 89. When I bought the car at the end of October, the fact that its former owner had installed a stainless steel exhaust with twin tail-pipes bothered me, for me it just didn't look right on this model. Nevertheless, the sound a low revs was pleasant and at full throttle a bit calm... I therefore decide to consult Martin Scart to confirm my choice of a RIVA silencer. The order placed, the exhaust arrived quickly and Martin gave me some helpful tips as I fitted it myself with the help of a friend. All you need is there in the kit, straps, suspension with SCART logo, copper grease etc... Then the crutial moment of turning the key and I say to myself that if, at worst, the sound is not really any different than my stainless steel twin tail-pipe version, I would at least have improved the look of my car... but, by black magic, perhaps, the sound is really different from my twin tail-pipe even at low revs... At full throttle, it's angrier than my old exhaust but Martin did point out that I'd have to wait at least 500kms to have its definitive sound. I reached those 500kms yesterday during a friendly FLAT6 PAYS D'AZUR day-out, an increasing delight. The sound is even better still. Unfortunately, rain prevented me from putting the top down but that sound going through a tunnel with the window down, ecstasy... Here is the feedback from someone who already had a replacement stainless steel exhaust and who has no regrets about his investment. Thank you Martin Scart for your time spent on the telephone and for your advice, a rare thing these days, in any field. Keep on as you are Martin, don't change a thing...

3.2L TURBO LOOK USINE CABRIOLET DE 89, le 06/12/2015

Following my message on 16 10 2015... After running-in my Scart racing pre-sil + Riva sausage with an extraordinary sound, I was seized by the desire to try the Riva pre-sil+ Riva sausage, so I rang Mr Scart and Guillaume! I was greeted just as warmly as the last time and we fixed an appointment. When I arrived it was time for a coffee and welcome advice from the team (alway just as professional, and unswervingly kind). Having discussed the well thought out reasons for my choice, the operation began and within a few minutes the racing pre-sil was replaced with the Riva by Christophe always professional, pleasant and full of good advice. As the key is turned there, THE sound, just as spellbinding, more guttural at low revs, not as sharp at full throttle and effectively more "politically correct" at mid-throttle and cruising! I close my eyes, and I'm there on Lake Como aboard a magnificent Riva Super Aquarama, a glass of champagne in my hand, a James Bond girl beside me... amazing! Ooops, sorry darling, just kidding! So, all weighed up, although the combination Racing pre-sil+Riva sausage is magical, I'm sticking to the combi Riva pre-sil+Riva sausage (but I don't know why, I think there's more to come!) To sum up, I can't recommend the Scart Team highly enough to those who are looking for a different sound, quality product, an abundance of advice, plenty of patience and above all an extraordinary customer service, to say the least! And no I have no capital interest in the business! Thanks again to all the Team and.. see you soon - who knows! Gilles, a happy customer in a Porsche 911 3,2 carrera from 84 with a Scart at the end!


Gilles, le 02/12/2015

Cristo, le 13/11/2015

Following several very friendly telephone conversations firstly with Guillaume, then Martin, to find which exhaust would best suit my Carrera 3,2 from 1984, an appointment was fixed for Thursday the 8th of October 2015. On arrival and following Martin's advice, given the capacity of my 911, having visited the workshop, met the team and had all my questions answered with an incredible professionalism, I decide on a racing pre-silencer and a riva sausage. This was to be done on the morning of October 14th, a very short delay. Arrival on site, greeted by Martin and Guillaume, a coffee with the entire team and off we go. I'd like to point out that I was present throughout the entire process, that the team kindly went along with the filming and photos and were not at all bothered by it. The moment of truth arrived and there... Rooooooarf... what can I say, aural ecstasy, a sensory revelation. All Martin says about the sound of the riva is so true! the car is transformed, metamorphosed! It's simple, I arrived with a carrera 3.2 and I left with a...carrera 3.2 1.0! When I start up you get the sensation of a Riva boat on Lake Como, it "glougloutes", with obvious deep, base tones. As the revs increase I lower the window and there it growls, it roars, there's a panther behind my back, quick alert the zoo at Vincennes! Yet when, I close the window, all is back to normal, or almost! No kidding, in fact Martin Scart is a genius.

Gilles, le 16/10/2015

Yesterday, appointment with SCART Exhausts for my 3,2 from 1985.  It's THE reference for Porsche exhausts to my mind. The original exhaust was replaced by stainless steel Scart racing pre-silencer + Scart riva sausage.  What can I say? The sound is just insane, the turn of the key is out of this world.  At first  the sound is throaty, deep and powerful with a boat-like glou-glou. As you accelerate, it meows, it roars, it rocks, you'd think they'd unleashed a tiger in the back of the car!

Anthony.L, le 15/10/2015

A huge thank you to Guillaume for his good advice in the choice of the combination...The Riva silencer associated with the racing pre-silencer which completely transforms my 3.2L. It'ss if I've changed cars and environment. the exhaust was fitted by the garage RABATEL in Lyon and was just perfect in terms of quality and timing. And not least a big THANK YOU to Mr Martin SCART for having created this incredible and unlikely melody which makes the mountains and tunnels of the whole of Savoie tremble.  Finally, thanks to my friends who know who they are and what I mean notably JEJE, JUJU and the Wednesday team at the Saint Jo'pour. In an nutshell, SCART - oh happiness!!!

Fabrice, Aix les Bains Savoie, le 24/07/2015

For several months I've been looking for Martin Scart's website in order to sign his visitor's book, as I'm not that bright, it's taken me a while to find it! Now it's done! Now I'm here I'm both pleased and enthusiastic to share my pride and satisfaction. First off, my satisfaction which is fully-fledged, really, the sound of the all-Riva on my 3,2 is a killer! I love it! It's been two years during which I had to lower the windows first if I wanted to hear the car start-up! Then, my pride, as I can boast (and Martin confirmed the fact last autumn) to be the first to be equipped with the definitive version of the "silencer + pre-silencer" set... I apologise Martin, for having waited so long before posting my feedback and thank you (and well done) for having created such a beautiful instrument. I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime soon... Richard

richbar, le 11/05/2015

Claude - Avignon 84 - Porsche 911.3.2 - 1986  My story begins as follows, on the 12th of October 2014, I went along to the "Paradis Porsche St Tropez" with a friend in a 996. I was standing in front of the entrance when I heard a 3.2 arrive with a very particular sound, I hurried over to take a look under the car. The person said, can I help you? I replied what is that? where? how? how much? The person replied that I should contact Martin Scart, which I did immediately. A very pleasant exchange, agreeable and all the rest. After which, I turned up at St Raphael to buy and collect the famous exhaust on Friday 30th of January. The Saturday morning it was fitted and immediately put to the test, impressive, incredible sheer pleasure (a kid). M. Scart called me on the Monday, as a good professional should to find out how I got on, I only had praise for him. So I drove all of Saturday and Sunday, I gave a demo for my fellow Porsche friends who were surprised and enthusiastic. I think the "Pont d'Avignon" will end up by giving way the number of times I've driven over it, and finally in conclusion well done and thanks again to Martin Scart and his team for their welcome and their professionalism. Gentlemen Porschists don't hesitate you'll get a good return on your investment and the result ... what a car !!!

Claude, le 17/02/2015

Fan of the air cooled Porsche 911 for over 35 years and mechanical maniac, after a complete engine overhaul of th 3.2L 1988, this was the right choice for it!

JJO, le 27/11/2014

My story began by the mounting of a sport silencer and pre-silencer on Martin's advice of course !! that was in 2012 ....but I dreamt of an exhaust with valves and Martin said he'd think about it... I had faith in him. And then on the 25/10/2013, I had an appointment with him for an installation which was carried out in perfect conditions.  We went out for a road test and there ... the moment I pressed the button on the magical remote control, there was a sound that tears through the night or the day (no exageration) Thank you Martin for having created it.. an exceptional success. Bravo !!

Chris, le 23/11/2014

Owner of a Porsche 3.2 Carrera which I modify to have a "streetable racecar", I was looking for a sound which reminded me of the old Porsche 911 racing cars. Thanks to Martin, who's very attentive and who will greet you in a way few businessmen know how these days, the results are way and above my wildest dreams! The Riva+racing pre-silencer combination brings back that racing car sound as the speed builds up, and yet remains discrete when cruising on a long journey. When idling the sound is deep, and magnifies the flat-six's "glouglou", and indeed makes you think of the Riva. It all works in harmony, and, of course, with no vibrations! A work of art...

Nicolas, le 27/09/2014

I'm fortunate in owning several Porsches and just like the others, my 3.2 was no exception. Equipped with a Riva silencer and a racing pre-silencer, the engine is transformed; the engine builds up speed unencumbered, the exhaust gives a powerful sound varying from deep base notes to much higher tones at high speed.  Once again it's magical.

Rochet, le 05/09/2014

Mr Scart, Following my order and the installation last week of a Riva silencer + Riva pre-silencer on my car / Porsche 911 - 3.2 Speedster. Several months ago I had decided (after lengthy consideration) upon your exhaust thinking that the description you gave for its origin would conjure up pictures of those marvelous Riva boats which cross the Venetian lagoon (at least that's how I imagined it). You also pointed out, during a telephone conversation before sending on the said exhaust, that both of us have our businesses at "rue Gustave Eiffel".  This anecdote seemed all the more amusing to you due to the fact that you describe youself as a metalworker, and its on this point that I'd like to differ.  Allow me to point out that metalworker is clearly not the most appropriate term to describe what you do, musician, artist or magician would be a more accurate description of your work.  I had ordered a silencer, not at all,  as what I received was the most beautiful of all musical insturments  I had hoped for the sound of the Rivas, it was almost that buta version with a "sound from the other side of the tomb"  Quite simply incredible, from idle with that throaty "glouglou" to full throttle where to go from a cavernous sound to a bestial scream, all of which, thankfully,  is punctuated by a virtual silence at cruising speed. From the mechanics at the official Porsche dealer in Nantes to friends (some of which are racing drivers or ex drivers in the carrera cup) the infatuation was unanimous, I who had simply ordered an exhaust, ended up with a work of art.  Please accept my most sincere thanks for your advice and my deep felt admiration for your work.

Stef, le 27/07/2014

Hello everyone.  6 years ago I bought this 3L2 1986.  It has undergone a huge overhaul (by Porsche) which took 4 years, and in order for it to meet all my expectations, I finished the job by fitting a pre-silencer and RIVA silencers last year. The excellent sound at idling speed (the glouglou of the Italian canal boats), with a roar at full throttle and a controlled sound level at cruising speed have multiplied the driving pleasure. I'm about to start the overhaul of a 993, no doubt I won't be waiting for the job to be finished before fitting the RIVA for 993!!!!

PITOU, le 04/06/2014

Owner of a 911 cabriolet 1989 (but the G series), initially catalysed then decatalysed (with a stainless steel pre-expansion dansk, great gearbox and direct air-feed), I wanted to have a pure Porsche sound.  Here is where I say WELL DONE Mr SCART, because after two telephone conversations, having discribed what I was hoping for : not the riva, each to their own, but deep, velvety at low revs, full and weighty and then hoarse and metallic and dramatic at high revs, all within an acceptable volume given that its a cabriolet that I use everyday... He did it, he got it right first time ! The model chosen : the Inox Sport double expansion, which miraculously works marvoulously with the pre-expansion dansk,  and has transformed the car, in the best sense of the term, virtually impossible really when you think how hard it is to discribe the sound you want, without going to a sound engineer and spending hundreds of hours trying out sounds in an acoustic centre, etc... Well, Mr Scart, he can do it !!! Thank you and long live the flat 6.

Hugo Lallemant, le 04/02/2014

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