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Muffler for 911 911 2.7L & 3.0L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER

Muffler for 911 911 2.7L & 3.0L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER

1 820,00 $ ref. : SCA 911 3,0 3 2 Riva stock :

This muffler fits the G type 911 :

> 911 2.7L
> 911 3.0L

For these cars, the muffler gives 80% of the sound (the remaining 20% comes via the pre-muffler). We offer 3 different mufflers for this car in order to satisfy all your tastes.

This sport version has the traditional 911 muffler shape. We call it "banana" whereas English-speakers call it a "sausage" or "hot dog"! Its RIVA type sound brings volume and depth to the flat 6. This is what we do best for this 911. This exhaust brings out all that's hiding in the depths of the Porsche engine. Every mile you drive you will discover new pleasures.  This exhaust is one of the top 10 in the SCART best seller list.

Our range also includes the following solutions:
> A sport version with valves - (Reference : SCA 911 3 2 VI or VT)
> A sport version - sport sound - (Reference : SCA 911 3 2)

Our exhausts all fit onto the original interfaces.  By this we mean their entry, their outlet and their size conform to the original part. This muffler fits several centimeters further back into the rear bumper to enable a better cooling. Our exhaust sits on its own support which we supply with the exhaust. This support replaces the original one.

This muffler fits directly after the pre-muffler.

On average the fitting time is 1 hour, including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust. Fitting time will be faster if the exhaust you're dismounting is in good condition, just as it may take longer if the reverse is true.

It is preferable but not essential to use a car hoist.

Dismounting the original exhaust is fairly easy. If the 3 bolts of the entry flange are badly damaged by rust, you may need to use a grinder.

It is important to respect the maker's tightening torque. If the exhaust fitting is insufficiently or overly tightened you could end up with an air leak.  Tightening of the bolts must always be done progressively across the whole set of bolts.

To ensure that our exhausts are fitted under the best conditions a mounting kit including: gaskets, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel lock nuts, high temperature copper grease as well as the 2 SCART straps is included with this exhaust. We recommend that you use the copper grease on the thread of the bolts and on the gaskets when fitting.


Scart Weight: 11.00 Kg
Gain Vs Original: -1.5 Kg

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Muffler for 911 911 2.7L & 3.0L - Super sound Riva style - BEST SELLER

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Jérémie L, le 05/12/2022

Thierry R, le 23/12/2021

@flat6design, le 20/09/2021


scarabée , le 29/03/2018

Two years ago I bought a 3.1 911 SC, yes a 3.1, it's not a typo! I loved the car, but not the exhaust even if it was stainless steel. There were two problems with it: 1 - a huge tail pipe, looked like a bottle of Evian  2 - only got a sound out of it once I reached 6538.2 rpm! Which meant that I didn't take it out. There was just no fun in it. I looked around on the internet to see what was on offer and was in no doubt when I opted for the Riva (pre racing and Riva sausage). But to my surprise, without the original  front muffler! Hhmm... I had the Riva sausage fitted last week - and what can I say - it feels like a new car. What a sound!!! The sausage has two entry pipes, like a classic 911, and it sounds more like a 2.7 RS! It rips when I put my food down and those backfires when I take my foot off again are just brilliant. Each tunnel gives off a symphony of sound - just makes me want to wrap a scarf around my neck and drive through with the windows down! I M P R E S S I V E!!! An enormous thank you to SCART for having built and fitted such a gem!

Marc3.1, le 22/01/2018

I was on the lookout for a new exhaust (the old one had been around for 42 years). I decided to opt for the musicality of a SCART instrument. For my 2.7L 911, with its somewhat subdued voicebox, I chose the Racing front muffler + the Riva muffler combination. A great choice, despite slightly too much volume in neutral. The exhaust fitting at the SCART workshop went smoothly, apart from the bolts on the original front muffler being completely rusted up - hence grinder and carbide drill. Thank you to Martin SCART for his advice and availability and of course for the mechanical and acoustic performance of his exhausts.

Franckes, le 05/01/2018

When I bought a pre-silencer + RIVA silencer for my 911SC in July 2013, it was to replace the original exhaust. The latter, in steel, having lasted thirty years, I'm a long way from replacing the stainless steel work of art made by Martin Scart! With the RIVA, the car has an exquisite sound, which develops according to the engine's rpm, but which you hardly hear at all at idle, it's great! And that's not all, when the car backfires as you declerate, it's just as enjoyable. Can you believe, Martin has managed to create an exhaust which makes you want to put your foot down, but which you can continue to enjoy even when you take your foot off, what more can you ask for? Having said that I did have a slight problem with the fitting. The sausage was slightly off-center veering towards the right. A centimetre, it was nothing really and you couldn’t see it. I drove with it like this for over a year, on some lovely enjoyable roads, and all was well. Until the day I took the motorway for over five hundred kilometres. There, the fog light began to suffer from the heat! That's right, because of the offset, it was barely two centimeters from the tail-pipe! I called Martin to ask if it would be possible to move the tail-pipe and re-center the silencers: The reply was yes and "come to the workshop"  So I went yesterday March 5th. I was there for three hours during which the entire team remade a new entry pipe for the silencers before my very eyes. The process of making the silencers is very rigorous, using templates, it must be my car that is slightly "off-kilter". i can only praise the operation:- a cup of coffee on arrival - a really great team, made up of people with specific skills working together, a real team! - true professionels, they weld with unnerving ease! - a perfect result - the cost of which is all covered. To sum up, the exhausts are superb, and the after-sales service is up to the same standard! Thank you Mr Scart.

François, le 06/03/2015

Recent owner of a 911 sc, I wanted a hoarser sound with a deep glouglou at low revs for when I drive around on country roads. Completely satisfied with the Riva type SCART exhaust which produces one hell of a sound at low revs and yet when I'm at cruising speed with my wife at my side, no need to raise my voice. It's really changed my car and the pleasure I have in driving it.

Supman44, le 22/11/2014

After around 700kms with a Scart Riva exhaust on my 911, my satisfaction is complete. The sound is just enough at idle, wild when you accelerate and quite calm when cruising.  It makes the car far more lively.  A pure joy! Thanks once again for the welcome.  Xavier T

Xavier T, le 08/04/2014

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