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T-Shirt Surf - Grey

T-Shirt Surf - Grey

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T-shirt surf - grey

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T-Shirt Surf - Grey

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Installation this morning ... No traffic ! 8am instead of 9am. Cup of coffee with one of guys.  Then Martin Scart arrives : We have several options : it's a 1976 2,7 Targa ... he likes it ! connections : 3.0 or 3.2 ? standard? After 2 seconds thought : We'll go for a made-to-measure ! for MY little porsche ! I spent A half a day of my life in a state of Pure joy : Mr Scart shared all he knew on the subject of Venturi, air fluide exhaust amongst other subjects: I LEARNT ! After a bit of personal work (free Wifi ! ) The result came at half past twelve : We start up the 2.7L Granny.  Transformed Granny !!! She's goes from a Porsche growl to a deep growl at low speed (up to 3000 4000) then starts to sing like a Diva (Riva ?) therafter !!!! You should know that no one leaves Goussainville until Mr Scart himself, has taken a little turn in your NEW car ! (Yep ... it's new, reincarnated in a wise and crazy form ! ) It's a huge thrill Mr Martin Scart . Really a huge and marvellous thrill. Any fellow porschist can contact me to verify. Ps: I also have a 1978 3,3 Turbo and everyday I drive a Panamera Diesel .. Porsche... since ... a boy ! And proud of it !

philippe Guillaume, le 29/08/2014

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